When I was growing up things are so different. Maybe that is how I have PTSD. Still, most people that I knew did not have an inground pool or even a pool membership. Going somewhere was a special treat. In my case, it was one time a year. 

I was able to dance, yet I was limited to the number of classes that I could take. I ate what my parents bought and if I did not like it, my mother was not making anything different.

This year, I get my kids for 10 days over the summer. Their father has the means of buying all of the things they want. I don’t.

I thought about taking them to a couple of local places where they could swim. I am still trying to think of other things to do with them. This morning one of them had an idea to rent ATV’s. That is not happening! 

There is still a lot of time to think about what to do and what they may enjoy. There is still time to plan. I want to have fun with them, yet there is a budget.


2 thoughts on “Kids Today

  1. This year we’re making a “summer bucket” list. I’m going to include easy, inexpensive things to do. For example, stay up all night watching movies and sleep all the next day, kayaking (this can get expensive but maybe you can find groupons) 🙂 Maybe you and the kids can come up with a list of inexpensive things to do during your time together and cross them off as you do them.

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