I have been in eating disorder treatment three times. I dance for fun and have started to take yoga classes. As much therapy and support as I have it is often not enough.

My formal diagnosis: bulimia. As I really think about that, it is most likely part way true. I do binge and use over the counter meds after to get rid of what I ate.

I also find that I eat to much. Certain foods trigger the overeating to get worse. Fast food, sugar laden foods, and any kind of snack food. I really noticed this when I started looking back at my binges. The ones I did until I would feel sick and then keep eating and be up all night with stomach pain.

So, I have come to realize that I am drawn to food in the same way that I have seen addicts with drugs or alcohol. I cannot eat just one cookie or chip. There is a compulsion to eat more.

Recently, I have started to do something about it. My diet is changing. Processed sugars are in the past. Well, at least I am trying. It is a lot of research and label reading since sugar seems to be hidden in so many products. Then there is avoiding fast food. That also turns into its own problem. 

I guess that this wil be trial and error. I know that I will have slips along the way, yet I cannot continue with the way that I am going. Things need to change.


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