My oldest is going into high school next year. Because of all of my hospitalizations for my mental illness and eating disorder, I have missed a lot of time. 

I am trying to see my kids as much as I can since this is the first year that I have been out of the hospital for a year. Even though I have still many bad days, I am trying to use coping skills so I do not have to go back to court to fight for them.

My oldest has not wanted to see me for over a month. It is hard and I am trying to take it one day at a time and be as accepting as I can be. 

My other children still want to come over for now. I am taking one visit at a time, knowing that at any time they to could stop wanting to come over. 

Hopefully, by giving him his space he will one day want to come over again. I still text him and talk to him. I will always be here for him and he knows that.

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