One of my children shared with me last night that my ex and his family think that I am crazy. I could have been upset, yet I was not. I said a line straight out of Alice in Wonderland. That all of the best people are mad.

I may have PTSD, depression, and eating disorder and other illnesses. Those things have only made me stronger. I went through hell when I was young. I am going to make sure that my kids do not have the same experience. 

Maybe being different is not so bad. I am more sensitive and empathetic because of everything. I am more aware of other people and the struggles that they may be going through. So maybe I am different. I think maybe that is just fine!

One thought on “Different

  1. Weak-minded people are scared of what they don’t understand. Instead of taking the time to understand, they talk shit. They demoralize what they don’t understand. Those are the kind of people to be pitied. You didn’t ask for any of these things, but you have them, and you are still alive – and that makes you strong. Stronger than most.

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