I am not sure what to do about my child who has chosen to live with me this summer. My ex said some pretty mean things to her and she does not feel like she can even talk to him. She thinks that he does not want her.

On one hand I cannot know exactly what she is feeling. On the other hand my mom told me that she wished that I never existed and my father often said that he could not stand the sight of me. 

Whoever said that words do not hurt is so wrong. For me, they have stuck with me. They often keep repeating over and over in my head until I feel awful about myself. I do not want my daughter to experience that, yet I think it is to late. 

Once said words cannot be taken back. Even then, sorry only eases the pain. I hope her and her dad can repair this and somehow move on to at least get along. 

Right now there is an email out to her therapist. I see my therapist today. Yesterday, I made sure that she had somewhere to write down all of her thoughts. Maybe that will help a little.

I know that it hurts when your parents do not want you. It makes you question everyone else around you and whether they really like you. For me, my self-esteem was permanently affected. I am trying to do the best that I can for her right now. 

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