My ex decided that he wanted my daughter back for the holiday. He stated that it was his holiday and he expected her to be there. I guess I am supposed to be there when he decides that she is to much or needs a break.

Then, I have to give him the weeks that I want them in the summer in the spring. Not only do I need to drive my daughter to practice, but now my son also has practice. That is an hour drive each way two times a day. What if I would have planned something?

Everything seems to revolve around what he wants. I just wish that when I had them I could do what I wanted with them.

Then, the psychiatrist who was supposed to start is not starting when he was supposed to and no one seems to be able to give me a date. I am running out of meds and I need to see a doctor soon. I am scared I am going to wind up inpatient. 

I am not sure how I am going to handle all of the driving, making meals (did I mention I have food issues), cleaning, laundry, and who knows what else. Maybe I am in over my head?


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