I had a complete meltdown with my therapist yesterday. With everything going on with my kids and all of the PTSD symptoms that I am having it is just to much. 

I said that I felt like I only had two choices. Work on things or be fine. For years, I did not tell anyone about what had happened to me because it brought up so much stuff. Now that I am talking, my ex has decided to throw a wrench into everything.

I need to realize that I cannot just make plans when I take the kids over the summer. Those weeks are not truly mine. I wish that they were, yet my ex fills them full of activities that take up all of their time. 

There is still a point where I have to put my foot down and say enough. I cannot be in two places at once. No one can. I have to have time to do what I need to do to stay healthy or at least function.


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