Last night I got into a big argument with my ex. He seems to schedule the activities anytime that I want to take them without asking me about it. 

He said things last night like that I needed to learn how to be a parent and grow up. That therapy was not needed and that I can work, I am just choosing not too.

Because of my PTSD and depression I cannot work. If I am such a bad parent then why are my kids even with me after he did everything that he could to try to take them away last year.

He can say whatever lies he wants to his wife and family. It is not ok to say these things to my kids. I am tired of being mentally attacked by him. If it was by on the phone, it would have been in a text. 

I love my kids. My ex just makes it so hard for me to see them. It just seems like he is not going to ever stop coming after me.


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