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Doctors, sports, and other appointments have me going in circles. I feel like I just get done one thing and I am off to another. Yesterday, it took me an hour and a half to get home from one event. Then I had to be up early this morning.

I have not had time to journal or to work on myself. That is catching up with me. The stress is causing my body to hurt. I know that my temper is getting short.

Next week is horrible. I do not know how I am even going to get myself and the kids to everything. Some days there does not even see to be time to eat. 

My doctor is worried about me and I am worried that I am not being a good enough parent.My ex is just cruel saying that I need to learn to be a parent. That I do not know what it is like. Even though these statements are untrue they hurt. They really hurt when I know that he has said them to the kids.

Time is not on my side this week, yet I am going to try and do my best and enjoy every minute that I have with the kids.