Last night was crazy. Burned food, anxiety through the roof, feeling like I was trapped and had nowhere to go. 

PTSD and anxiety are silent. Always lurking around every corner. Who knows what or when the symptoms will come on or how long they will last. 

Today, I am still feeling it. My stomach is hurting and I can feel that my reactions are shorter than normal. I feel like one more thing and that all so delicate string is going to snap. I do not want that to happen, yet I am scared.

The reality is that I have a hectic week. That there are more stressors than normal and less help than I normally would have. One thing at a time. Maybe that will work. 

Right now, I just wish my anxiety would calm down and take a break. Instead, my IBS is so bad and I am taking meds to try and relieve the symptoms. Last night, I was able to get 3 hours of sleep. Tonight I hope to get a little more. 


4 thoughts on “Over the Edge

  1. Anxiety can be really painful. Yet it’s good that you’re writing about it. If nothing else being part of this community means that at least you know you’re not alone in fighting it. Even if it feels like it a lot of the time. Have you ever tried to meditate? It might take some perseverance to successfully pull off, but once you get in that mind zone it’s the most peaceful you’ll feel all day 🙂

  2. Sounds absolutely awfull, I hope these feeling pass soon for you. I meditate as much as I can there are some really good guided ones on youtube, the more you do the better it gets, I am up and down with them if I am having a good spell them I do it every day but if im down I cant be bothered which sort of defeats the object I know. sending my thoughts and hope you feel better soon

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