My ex told my daughter that she could just get out of the house. That she would not be able to see her friends or go on vacation with them. She was sent without anything but a shirt, shorts, and sandals.

I have PTSD and other mental illnesses. Last year he was trying to take my kids from me and this year he has decided that my daughter is going to stay here. 

I made an appointment with someone for her to talk to. That person seemed to be more worried about my mental illness than what had happened to my daughter. She seemed to think that they just need to talk it through.

I know that my daughter is not me and that what is happening is different, yet she still feels that her dad does not want her. My experience has been that once a parent states that they do not want you, that you are not the same again. 

I told her therapist that I believe if she goes back to her dad’s for any amount of time that she is going to wind up with a lot of problems. That things cannot go in reverse. That any further issues should be limited so that she has the best life possible with the least amount of stress.

Instead I was basically written off and told that her dad is better for her. Of course he lives in the huge house and has money. He is the more politically correct one! I am not sure that makes him a better choice for her to be with. 

Her opinion does not matter. I am so scared for her. Scared that she is gong to be hurt. I was told he did nothing wrong. That she had my home to come too. I am her mom not a place marker. I do not want to see her in the same boat as me years from now.

Why is someone who is in a position to do something not standing up for her? I have to at least try to make her life as good as it can be and I will do all that I can to make it so. I will stop the wreck any way that I can.


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