My daughter came to stay with me this summer after her father told her to do what she wanted. I agreed to take her for as long as she wanted to be at my house. Recently, she has started to miss her brothers and the rest of that side of her family.

She told my ex that she wanted to come back home this week. That she missed seeing everyone and wanted to spend time with them. She is under 13. She is not 16 or 18 and can make decisions and realize the long term consequences. She makes choices using her heart.

He will not let her come back home. He has full physical custody. I only have visitation. I did not realize that it was ok to choose to not let her return. He told me that she has to have a “life lesson.” In what, rejection. That is what she feels. 

Since all of this has happened she has been anxious and her appetite has tanked. I am at a loss. I do not understand how if you love your child you can tell them that you do not want them. 

As a parent who has visitation, if I do not take them when I have scheduled visitation, I can lose my visitation. There is no recourse for him. Even a lawyer stated that he can do this. I am baffled. Really? You can just emotionally stab your child and it is ok? That is scary!! What is wrong with our courts and looking out for a child’s best emotional as well as physical interest? 

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