Today, after almost 4 months, I meet my new psychiatrist. I do not trust people easily and I trusted my past psychiatrist with everything. No topic was off limits. Art work often took up an entire session.

She truly understood all of my diagnoses and was not scared or hesitant to go into the really dark places with me.

I wonder if in time, this psychiatrist will do the same. Will he treat me as an individual. Will he listen to me about medication and those that have not worked for me?

Does he believe that treatment is ongoing and that patients go back and forth as to how much better they feel?

Is my art going to be welcomed into the office? Is he going to realize how much my art means to me and much it expresses what is inside and cannot seem to come out into words?

He is supposed to specialize in trauma. What does that mean? Sure he has been trained in how to handle patients with a trauma based illness and he has completed internships. How many patients has he worked with who have had multiple traumas throughout their lives. Who relive their trauma each day through flashbacks, nightmares, and body memories.

It us going to be a interesting first meeting. I most likely have as many questions for him as he does for me. One thing, I hope that he shows passion for what he does.


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