I saw my new psychiatrist on Tuesday. He turned out to be a really great listener and seemed to have some ideas that I had not tried before. He put me back on a medication and kept the rest of them the same for right now. There are still some small things that I need to get used too. I guess that comes with the territory.

My kids are coming this weekend. Well 2 out of 3 are coming anyway. My oldest does not want to come here. His father lets him choose and most often he chooses to stay at his dad’s house. He is a teenager and will not really give me a reason except that he wants to be by himself.

The Olympics start this weekend and there are a few events that I like. The opening and closing ceremonies are always great to watch! I also have a new board game that I think my son will want to play. 

It should be a good weekend. Today will be cleaning and generally getting the house ready. One step at a time. I have already done some of the tasks that were on my list. I am also getting some fun reading in before school starts in a few weeks and reading for those classes as well.

I will make sure to keep up with how the weekend is going. Things can always change.


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