Just to recap. My daughter decided in late June that she wanted to stay with me this summer. A little over a week ago she decided that she missed her brothers and wanted to go back to her dad’s house. He felt that she should be taught a lesson and have to stay. I told him that it was in her best interest to be back there and that he had a legal obligation to allow her to come home.

Today, is supposed to start my visitation weekend. He was supposed to drop the kids off this evening. He informed me yesterday that he was working overtime and wanted to switch, with me picking the kids up today. I told him 2pm and that was working until about an hour ago when I was told that his mother had taken my daughter out of state for the day.

When my ex does not get what he wants he acts like a child and his parents always seem to back him up. My son knew last night that I was coming to get them a 2. I am sure that he could have sent a text to his mother. Funny how she has had all week to do this and picks today. 

I will just have to go over and get the kids later then I planned. I am just so over him constantly doing things to change what we have legally signed. I cannot afford an attorney for every time he violates an agreement. I wish that I could!! 


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