School and dance begin again in a few weeks. I have to admit that I am scared. Scared that I am not going to be good enough or smart enough to complete my classes and scared that I will not fit in at dance.

I have always had that fear. That I do not fit in. That people can see everything that has happened to me just by looking at me. I have a hard time relating to new people. My life has not taken the same course as most. 

Maybe I will not have to worry. Maybe people will not ask. Many of them will be to young to worry about kids or past work history.

At dance, there will be familiar faces who accepted me last year. I just have to relax and that is really hard for me. By Thursday, I need to think of some things that I can do at school between classes. I am sure that I will have a ton of work.

Over the next couple of weeks, I just want to relax and enjoy my husband and kids. That is the plan anyway.

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