Each day seems to be a new horror with my ex. Now, he has decided that him and his new wife will be the ones that go to my children’s graduations. None of the kids are graduating this year. I am so tired of being harassed and put down. The kids hear that I do not contribute, yet I pay my child support every month. They are told that I am crazy and a bad mom.

I thought that it was bad when my oldest stopped talking to me and coming to visit. Now, my daughter who wanted to spend the summer with me is no longer speaking to me. It is just a lot to take in. I cannot control what they are being told about me. 

Because of all of this, I have turned to dysfunctional eating habits and over exercising. Yesterday, I felt like I was going to pass out. My doctor noticed and is giving me a chance to get back on track. If I do not then I will have to go inpatient. That will derail all of my plans.

At least he gave me stages. I do not have to do everything at once. By the time school starts, my head should be a little clearer.

Right now there is that fine line in front of me. I know the right path. The path that will keep me healthy. The problem is that the other side has such a strong pull. It is where I feel the most control. Right now, I am taking one part of the day at a time and trying to keep the goals set for me. My first check in is tomorrow. Hopefully, I will have good news.

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