I am trying to take classes again this semester. Having a mental illness makes it a lot harder. Most colleges can handle a learning or a physical disability and make modifications. They are obligated too. For some reason a mental illness is still not a disbility to some staff at colleges. The college is not willing or does not know how to make accommodations.

That is where I have to judge things for myself. I cannot handle large classes. With the exception of one class, none of my classes have over 25 students. I know that I have to get to class early and find a seat in the front row. Preferably on the end. This limits the distractions and my hyper vigilance.  I am not focusing on what all of the other students are doing.

I still have to make time to see my therapist and my psychiatrist and take my medications. I have even planned out how I am going to eat and what I will pack for the day.

Sure there are going to be stressors. I am certain that I will get overwhelmed. Yet I still want to try. I want to see if I can handle this. If I can then I can handle another semester and then maybe another.

There is only one day where I am at school all day. That will be hard. I am not sure yet what I will do on that day. I will need to see how the classes go. One of the classes is only one day a week. That should help.

I am sure that I will continue to write about all of this. 

2 thoughts on “Making a Schedule That Works for Me

  1. Yes, keep writing about it. I know that will help. I wish I had realized what was wrong with me when I started back to college after Afghanistan. Maybe I would have finished my degree instead of quitting.

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