Tomorrow, I will start classes. I am so nervous about all of this. Even though my class is not until the afternoon, I have to get to school in the morning in order to park. I guess things could be worse.

My new psychiatrist is keeping up with me. He seems to be ok. At least he asks questions and we discuss how I am doing. I even have the feeling that I want to try and draw again. I have not felt that way for a while now. 

There are many questions ahead. Can I handle the work? Can I handle the crowded and loud campus? Am I going to be able to use my coping skills to get me through?

I know that I should be taking one day at a time or I am going to be overwhelmed and give up. That or my symptoms will get worse and I will be put in the hospital. This is all up to me. I have a list of skills and I need to use them. I also need to try to get the most out of therapy so that things do not build up.

4 thoughts on “Beginning

  1. Good luck and don’t hesitate to reach out for help. I am a year into my graduate program and they put me on a 504 plan and it has been a tremendous help. Hang in there. Baby steps and you CAN do it!!

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