Week one of trying to go back to school was a bit of a mess. My PTSD symptoms were high and I was not feeling well all week. My doctor is still keeping an eye on my intake. Being on hyper alert all of the time does not make things easy. My body works against me.

Once again, I am sitting in a lounge feeling jittery and on alert. I am scared of going to classes and facing all of the people. I am scared that I will not be successful.

There never seems to be enough time for everything that I need to do in the day, although that is probably everyone. Today, I have to break down and go to the disability office. Because of short-term memory problems and dissociation, I miss what is going on in class. I have to be able to record class. 

Today, also starts dance. As much as I want to do it, I am not sure my body is going to have the strength to go that far. Class might just be to much.

For right now it is about taking a little at a time and going to class this morning without having a full blown panic attack.


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