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I had my first dance class last night. I love  dance and I really want to do it, yet I am wiped out this morning. In two weeks, I will also have a full night tonight.

I am still trying to get into a rhythm of how to work out my homework. I do not want to turn anything in late, yet I am overwhelmed by the fact that everything that is due is posted. What happened to the old paper syllabus and going to an actual class with a live person teaching. Everything is once removed.

I still have to experience what a weekend will be like with the kids. I have so much to do and it seems like there are not enough hours in the day to complete everything. I may have to drop dance. Even teaching is up in the air. I just may not have enough energy or mental stamina to do it all.

At least tomorrow is an early day and I will be home in the evening.