This morning, I backed into a parking space for the second time. I have never been very good at backing into spaces or backing up in general. Yet, for two mornings in a row I have done it. It is so much easier to get out.

I have never been so happy to see a B in my life as I was yesterday on my quiz. I usually strive for an A. In fact I have graduated with honors. Since ECT, my memory has not been the same. It seems like I cannot remember things as well as I used to or recall them. I neeed to learn to work around this new way of remembering things.

Today, I will telll my story to a class of new students who think they want to go into social work. I am excited to be able to maybe take the stigma down a little.

Then there is my ex. All I can say is that now he is trying to turn the kids against me. Apparently, the entire custody battle last year was a misunderstanding. He tells them that I do not want to support them and that I am causing them to lose things. All I can hope is that when they grow up they ask questions and see how things really were. For right now, I refuse to sink to that level.

I see the doctor today. I am maintaining my weight. It is a struggle. I do not want to have to go to eating disorder treatment. So I will continue to push through and do what I need too. 

I have also started to use my PRN. It does help with all of the anxiety. I just hate being dependent on medication. 

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