School, dance, kids, doctor’s appointments, to do’s. it seems like it does not end. Today feels like a day when I am going to go home and crash. There is work I have to do and things to get done, yet my body is letting me know I have pushed it to far.

This morning my fingers are numb and I am sore all over. All my body wants to do is crawl into a corner and rest. In fact, it is screaming it. All of the plans that I have need to be altered, fibromyalgia has said enough.

I knew it was coming when I fell the other day and then when I could not stay awake in the middle of trying to read. The numb fingers are a red flag. 

This is the hardest part. Knowing that I can only push so far. That I can only do so much. That there are limits. I listen to others around me who have stayed up late and pulled all-nighters. My body is in bed by 9pm or I cannot function the next day.

Having PTSD and all of my other mental health issues is a separate problem from the fibromyalgia that plays with the way that my body works. Meds only go so far. Sometimes, rest is what is needed.

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