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To say that I am stressed is an understatement. My stomach and chest are letting me know that my anxiety is high.

Enter Fibromyalgia. My hands were numb yesterday. Ok, I can deal wth that. Now, my body is just exhausted and my mind is refusing to take anymore in. I wish that I could shut this off but I can’t. I have to go with it. 

I am trying to do my work in small spurts and take breaks when I can. I am prioritizing what needs to be done by due dates and test dates and studying for quizzes that I know will happen this week.

I am exhausted. Sometimes there are some things that cannot be pushed through. The only things that can be done are to adapt and go with what is going on.

I am learning how to deal with some of the memory issues. The anxiety is still high. I found post-it notes to be extremely helpful last night. I think I need to begin to use them more often. Maybe, I will try using them with a chapter I need to read this weekend and see how it goes!

Any suggestions from anyone out there would be helpful!! What do you do to help you remember?