This morning my son has a sporting event. He lives in an area where the homes go for $800 -$900 thousand dollars. Houses are huge and school budgets seems endless. The roads are repaired, there are horse trails, walking trails, swim clubs, and basically any other type of activity one can imagine. It is hard to come over here for me. I know there are people here who think that I choose to have a mental illness, that I just do not work hard enough. If I really wanted to, I could somehow get better.

Then there is where I live. I actually love my house. My cat is there and there is always the warmth of a candle burning. Our home is relaxing and my neighbors are friendly. Granted, the houses are around  1,000 square feet and sell for around $130 thousand dollars. The schools around me make the dollars that they do have stretch as far as possible. People walk to the local stores and there is always someone who you know who you run into.

Sometimes I wonder if kids who grow up with this much privilege are missing out. They do not necessarily know the reward of helping others. They do not understand other people’s reality because they are sheltered. I wish that there was a way for them to understand. For them to know that life is different and priorities are different for other people. 

Change is slow. Maybe one day, every school here willl adopt another school to share supplies with. Maybe they will adopt a family to give a great holiday too. It is a goal!

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