Of course it would happen this week! Only two of my classes even have exams that can be grade changing. Those happen to fall on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

At least I have the relief of being able to take them at the testing center instead of the classroom with all of the other students who a freaking out and trying to remember every last minute detail.

Trying to study is hard because my medications cause me to become drowsy. I know I need to go home and study, yet I just want to sleep. That is not going to pass an exam! 

Therapy is not enough. I just feel empty. Like I am all alone in a room full of people kind of empty. Even worse, my closest support is out of town this week. Somehow, I have to get through and pass these tests, go to dance, teach dance, and take care of the cat.

The cat is the one animal that can calm me down. Her favorite place to lay is on my binder. It is like she is trying to tell me to take a break. 

Going back to school is definitely challenging. The material and the hours are crazy. There is just this overwhelming desire to want to help. To be able to change the fate of one child. That is my goal. The reality is that I cannot save everyone, yet to help just one. At least it is one that will not have to suffer. One that will have a chance. That keeps me going!

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