• I walk down the hall to my therapist’ office. On the one hand I know where I am. On the other I feel like I am outside of myself looking into me. I know this is the dissociation. The separation of my body with the world around me. Feeling like I am just going through the motions.
  • Last night my husband said that I was doing well. I guess from the outside it looks that way. I am going to class, doctor’s appointments, and dance. Physically, I am doing those things. My mind seems a million miles away. Inside I am falling apart piece by piece. 
  • It is like a fog that I cannot escape. The medications are not helping. They cannot take the memories and the nightmares away. The memories are overwhelming. The past is so much a part of my present.
  • I have therapy today. Hopefully it will help a little and I can feel more connected to me.

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