School, dance,the rec council, the kids, treatment, and self care. I am overwhelmed by it all. I do not have a day to get a break. This week my foot went numb and when I went to get up, I sprained it. My fibromyalgia and anxiety are so high that I barely make it to class, yet be able to focus on anything.

On top of all of that, my kids are being  taken out of the country for a week. I have been on the not eat anything and then binge cycle. Above all, I am exhausted. 

This afternoon, I took a break to watch movies and relax. It felt good to not worry for once. My schoolwork will still be there tomorrow. I needed the me time or I would not be any good with schoolwork this weekend and I have a test coming up.

Part of my treatment team had been out for the past two weeks and is back next week. I understand that I need to see my therapist every week, yet I am not so sure about my psychiatrist! It just is a long day! 

Hopefully, I will get some sleep tonight and get some work done tomorrow. The kids will be here tomorrow night, so I need to get some work finished before they get here! 

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