My husband is unable to use one leg and is recovering from surgery, the cat is officially sick and on medication, I have some type of respiratory thing going on. All I want to do is rest.

I cannot do that though. I have a conference this weekend, a midterm next week and two papers to do. That is not including all of the housework that I am behind on because I have not been home to do anything. 

I just want some time to rest. I wish that I had parents or a brother or sister that I could ask for help at a time like this. Instead it is just me and somehow I will have to get all of this done. 

Hopefully, whatever this is can be taken care of with an antibiotic and ina couple of days I will feel better. About 5 weeks of school to go before break!! Somehow I need to get through this. Some of me just wants to take the easy way out, yet we have a safety contract with our doctor’s.

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