I know that memories are not 100% accurate. Some change with time, yet when more than one person remembers the same thing, I am pretty sure that it is somewhat accurate.

Apparently, my mother was always offstandish. She would just sit and scowl at people without participating in conversations. She had an entire life that she never told me about. No one is perfect, yet she made it seem as though certain people were evil.

I really wonder where the lies start and the truth stops. Why she really stopped talking to people? Why she choose to hide her life from me even after I became an adult?

Some of these questions I will never know the answer too. I know that I miss being part of the stories and get togethers that all of the other relatives have to share. I feel like a stranger sometimes. I am glad that I have a relationship with my family now and that my kids will have memories that I did not have. They will be a part of the future stories. They will not have to wonder what went on to make someone end a relationship with another person. They are not going to have people going in and out of their lives.

I will never know why my parents made the decisions that they did. I know how it had impacted me and my life and I have to deal with the fallout. It seems like that is the story with most things with my parents. Having to work through the consequences of their actions.

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