Life is funny sometimes. There are those events that we can say I am sorry for and actually be forgiven. There are the little bumps along the way which happen to all of us. The words we may say when we are angry that can be apologized for later.

Than there are those times and people that we cannot get back. I wish that I could see my aunt and great-grandmother one more time. To see them and to be able to tell them just how much they mean to me.

Then there are my parents who are completely estranged from me. They live in the same town. Even when I called to wish them a Merry Christmas, they did not answer the phone. At least I continue to try and reach out. That is all that I can do at this point.

My kids are getting to be teenagers. Words that are said around them have a big impact on them. My oldest has not really spoken to me or seen me in 6 months. It is hard. Even on Christmas he refused to talk or answer a text. I keep trying knowing that time cannot be reversed.

My other children still have a relationship with me. I wish that it was closer. That I knew them better. It is hard when they live so far away. At least they still visit and memories can still be made. 

There are times and memories that cannot be redone or made up for in the end. I wish that I could change some of the relationships in my life. Yet, those changes take the other person as well.

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