Right now I am trying to apply to graduate schools. If you have been following my blog, many of you know that I have gone back to school.

Graduate schools all want essays as to why you want to attend their program. The thing is I know why I want to go into the field. I know that my own trauma and experiences have played a huge roll in why, yet I have to be careful what I write and how I write about my own experiences.

I have to be confident and determined in my purpose. I need to be able to fully complete the tasks that I will need to complete. Yet, part of me knows that my unique view on what is happening in the minds and lives of the population that I want to work with is a strength.

Today, I will be working on those essays. The essays that could get be accepted or rejected by a program. It is scary to put myself out there. I have vowed to be who I am though. Part of who I am is what I have experienced in life.

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