I was relieved and excited when I was accepted to graduate school this year. Now that I am trying to schedule my field placement my life is turning into a black hole. There seems to be a storm cloud that is just following me around.

First because I do not have full physical custody of my kids, it was determined that I was unable to work with a specific group of people. Now, I am being told that I cannot work with another group of people because of the stress.

Now, is where things get complicated. According to the school, I cannot decline an interview or an acceptance. I had both, yet now there is another person that has come into the mix and is really not supposed to be involved. I just want a placement for next year.

I have asked to have this field placement dropped, yet the school cannot do that. They can only drop it if the placement if the site does not want me. I cannot hang out there waiting for a placement. Something’s is going to have to change in order for me to be able to be placed for field. I am working on the next steps. I am trying to be as patient as possible, yet it is hard to sit back and watch potential opportunities go by.

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