The kitten is doing well. She is eating and drinking. She loves to play and give kisses. Most of all she is getting more comfortable with the house and loves exploring.

For those of you out there who may have teenagers, I have a question. Do your teens remember your birthday or get you cards for important Holidays? My teens forgot my birthday again this year. I think I may be extra sensitive because of growing up in a house where your birthday could be taken away.

The TMS is progressing. My doctor has found a place that accepts insurance. Ironically, I need to see their psychiatrist to determine the number of sessions and long each should be. When are they going to invent a therapy that takes away all of the horrible memories. That is something that I could get on board with. I will have to call the treatment center on Monday.

I am enjoying having the two cats. Their personalities are so different. They cannot begin to meet until later this week when the kitten gets her shots. I am a little worried how it will go. Hoping for the best.

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