The good new is that there has been no flying fur or an injured kitty knock on wood. Depending upon how generous our resident cat feels, the hissing May only happen at the start or end of the visit. We are keeping the kitten’s safe room set up for a while. Right now I would categorize both of them as shy.

They are going to get a shock tomorrow when the kids come for the weekend. The kitten has not met them. I am interested to see how she does. She does not seem to like men and my daughter can act a bit rough. We should be able to keep the antics to a minimum.

I am lucky to have my son on his actual birthday this year. We are going to take him out to dinner and have s gift that should provide entertainment for the rest of the weekend. I am not upset that it an early weekend. Thanksgiving is my holiday this year. That normally means plenty of turkey and treats. We will also be putting up more than one tree this year. There is snow on the ground and it should be fun.

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