We our still on the journey of getting our resident cat to fully accept the new kitten. On the positive side, they have touched noses a few times and will lay together. The tough times are meal times. Our resident cat is on a strict schedule and loves her food. She is on special food and the kitten is only on kitten chow. Not that that is a problem, I am just hoping the kitten is ok.

When we leave the house, the kitten still goes into her room. She seems comfortable as long as she is let out as soon as we get home.

We set the trees up. Our older cat has never tried to climb the tree. As soon as we set up the tree in the front room the kitten was trying to climb it.

Both of the cats enjoyed a little turkey on Thanksgiving. They like the kids, yet they also seem to like the quiet after the kids leave.

My husband did an amazing job with the lights this year. The new house feels so festive and we were able to place a few decorations in each room. We also began making cookies and pies. I cannot wait for Christmas. We are having people over for the first time in a while. This house screams entertaining.

Therapy is ok. I am trying to accept that certain things are normal to say to a teenager about boundaries that should not have been said to me as a toddler. I will have to get used to having teenagers. I think that in some ways they are as honest as a toddler.

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