Day 3 with the kitten

Today has been much better with the new baby. She has been eating and drinking. We were told that all of her tests have come back negative. She is playing and seems to have more energy.

Tomorrow, I see my therapist. It is hard in therapy right now. I am trying to process what happened a piece at a time. The only problem is that the puzzle is not whole. Memories are like that or so I am told. I just do not want to say something unless I am sure of it happening. More than one doctor has told me that is not going to happen.

Day 2 With a New Cat

Today has been an adventure! On the way home the kitten was panting. The vet has now confirmed that it was from stress. She did not know us and it was a long car ride.

This morning I wanted to take her and find out what was wrong. I still have not been able to start the introduction process with my existing cat until the vet clears her. I went to get her and put her in her cage and she had vanished. She was nowhere to be seen in the room we had put her in.

Fast forward two hours and I hear meowing coming from the bathroom vanity. She had somehow crawled under there and was now stuck. Pond story short, we need a new vanity and floor to get her out.

We did get to the vet today and he gave her some medicine. She goes back next week. Day 2 has been quite an adventure. My therapist is probably happy that I left the house. Maybe she will get me out more.

A New Addition

My therapist is concerned that I am not leaving the house. He has suggested TMS, yet I have not found any place near me that does it and I would have to a couple times a week.

He suggested that I get a dog that I would need to take out for walks. My husband really does not like dogs, so we found a cat breed that will go outside and explore. We are picking her up tomorrow.

I am worried that she is not going to like me and that our older cat will not take to her. We are just going to need to give our older cat time.

The move has been great. Our street is quiet and the people are so friendly. Even in the stores, the employees are helpful. My husband has been raking leaves and doing work around the house. It is nice not to hear sirens and people yelling all evening.

I just wished that a change in location would have meant that my fears of going outside would have gone away, yet that fear runs pretty deep.

So, tomorrow is the big day!! I will try to post a picture of her. Now she will be part of my recovery along with our other cat.