While I like the holidays, they are so stressful. First are the social situations. I hate people asking me questions. How are you doing? Then in my head I begin to contemplate what to say. It would probably be better to say fine, yet I am tired of ignoring my feelings. Then there are people who want to know exactly where I now live. I am not comfortable giving out my address. For me, if the have my email and phone number, they do not need my address.

This year we are having my husbands family over. I always feel like the house is never clean enough and that I am being judged on how the house looks as well as the food that we are serving.

Then there are gifts. I have had to stay off of social media. I am tired of seeing all of the top gift lists. They make me feel like what I did get people is inadequate, yet that is what those people have asked for over the year.

I am already stressed about taking down the decorations even though I have an organization system in place.

The holidays are supposed to be filled with friends and family, yet all I want to really do is crawl under the covers or a blanket and watch Christmas movies.

I know that I cannot be the only one that feels this way!!

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