I have three kids/teenagers at this point. They spend most of their time in a home where money is plentiful and luxury is the norm. My youngest two still want to come here and spend time with me playing games, making cookies, and watching movies. They make me feel like a parent when they are here.

Then there is my oldest who has not spoken or seen me in 3 years. At this point he does not even call me mom anymore, he calls me by my first name. It hurts that his father and extended family say that I do not care and that I am a bad parent. They say it would just be easier to cut me out of their lives. He has taken that to heart. Even if I am driving the other kids home, he will run into the house .

It is hard to know that he is becoming a young man and that I cannot even talk to him. I hope that one day he changes his mind and calls me. Then again, I may never hear from him. It is hard to know that for now anyway I have lost him.

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