My therapist and I spent an entire session going over therapy expectations. Let me go back to three years ago. I had been seeing a psychiatrist who my parts transferred with. They thought of her as a mother figure. She went over their art and had seen them for six years. She left to take a position as a consultant and would no longer be seeing patients.

Now, apparently that is not how therapy with someone who has DID is done. The entire person is looked at as an adult, even though most of their parts can be kids. Not that I want anyone getting down on the floor to play. My younger parts like to draw and have stopped because they did not think that they or their drawings were wanted in therapy.

My therapist states that he wants to know all of us. I am not sure how that is going to happen. Then him and my psychiatrist spoke about how even the hospital does not help me anymore. I just get out and continue the same way. So apparently I will not be going into the hospital any longer. It makes me feel like my illness is hopeless. That the events in my life have taken over my future. If I even have much of a future??

Luckily, I can come home to the cats and my husband who do not see me as screwed up or damaged. They just see me for who I am. Right now, I will take that win and continue to deal with the therapist.

2 thoughts on “The Direction of Therapy

    1. Until this past week, I thought that it was to go into the hospital. Now I am being told the hospital is ineffective and that I have been on a large number of medications which do not work for me. Apparently I am treatment resistant. I do have to contract for safety each time I leave the office.

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