There are many negative aspects of having a mental illness, yet I believe there are good ones as well. First, the bad. People stare at the scars left by self injury. Others feel as if you are incompetent because you have a mental illness. Others around you do not believe what happened to you even though you know the truth. Medicine is trial and error often with more errors than successes. You get labeled and people can become afraid of you even though you are the same person as the day before you found out about your illness. Going into the hospital and following all of the procedures is hard.

So what is so good about having a mental illness. I have learned to slow down and try to take each moment as it comes in order to stay alive. I have met amazing and talented people in the hospital who can be whatever they want to be. I have met others who have come out of this barren tunnel better and more assured of themselves. I no longer judge people. I never know what someone is going through. Most of all I have lived with it and know what is coming. I would love to be able to mentor someone who has just been diagnosed and may or may not be at rock bottom.

Having a mental illness has changed my life. It dies not define me, yet it is a part of who I am and my experiences. I know that I cannot go back, yet it is hard to move forward. I realized last night that I am finally at a place where I do not care if others believe me. I know what happened to me and I need to work through it all.

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