For those people out there who have been sexually abused, I am sure that you agree that going to the gynecologist is a horrible experience. I am lucky to have finally come across a doctor who believes in putting people under a twilight sleep to do an exam. That is a good thing.

What is not so good is that I have waited years to see a doctor at all. I was just to scared. I had to have a ultrasound today. I will not know anything until the doctor has that report. Most likely sometime next week. The ultrasound today seemed to take a long time and the tech seemed to be focused on something. I shall see.

I know that cats are not people, yet they are my babies. My kitten has been having issues with her stomach and was diagnosed with feline herpes the other week after her eye began running and she began to cough. She seems to be getting better. She just has a very sensitive stomach.

The older cat needs dental surgery next week. I am worried about how much pain she may be in since she cannot tell me. Luckily next week she will have all of her bad teeth removed. I think that she will wake up feeling better. Maybe she will even like her sister more. Hoping.

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