Am I screwing everything and everyone around me up? Am I just a burden? How am I going to get through the next five minutes? Can I handle the rest of the day? Do I really need that appointment, I really would like to cancel.

That has been my thought process for over a week now. I have always been anxious yet it seems to be getting worse and prevent what little life I have to begin to dwindle down to nothing.

It is like every self loathing comment has surfaced. Every negative comment said to me is being repeated over and over in my mind. It is like my mind is ready to deal with these things, yet part of it is saying that it is still to much to go through.

Anxiety is not fun and invades life at the worst moments sometimes causing me to freeze where I am and forget everything that I was doing before that moment happened. There is more than just feeling on edge and my heart pounding. Everything seems to close in until I do not even fit in the scene.

I am seeing the doctor today and hope that he can help. I do not want to keep feeling like everything is dropping out from under me.

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