Finally, the surgeries are over for the summer. Yesterday, went better then expected, although I am tired today and am having some after effects. Both of those should go away soon.

Next, is to try to switch over to a new antidepressant. Fingers crossed that the side effects are minimal and that this medication works out. The real plus is that I can take it at night with my other medications.

The other aspect that I need to work on is my binging. I really need to get on a routine and stop using food to deal with my emotions. That sounds so easy, yet it is hard to do. I found a support group and a lot of them use the same app that I am trying. It seems like it is going well for them.

I am also looking forward to the kids coming the last week of this month and the first weeks of July. We plan on going to the pool and just relaxing. Both of them will be in high school next year. They should be able to relax and have fun doing what they want. They deserve some time off.

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