Most of the fairy tales that I have read or have seen start out with once upon a time. After that the trajectories are different , yet similar.

There is the good and kind mother or father who treats the child with care and compassion. They even give them a trinket to have which becomes something to remember them by. Death is never easy, yet every fairy tale has the loving character dying.

Here is where real life comes into play. There is a villain. They try to get whatever the child has. They are jealous of the life that the child gets and wants all the the attention for themselves. Most are narcissistic. To me, that is like living the life of an abused child. Taken to the extreme, the child is locked away and isolated. They are made to feel scared of the world of everyone around them.

Then they grow up,and somehow get away. They find that there are friends out there and that people can be kind and caring. That is where the story normally ends.

In the real world the story continues with years of flashbacks, therapy, and trust issues. Sometimes a protective barrier becomes the house and the person is imprisoned all over again. So maybe, life is like a fairy tale scary, yet good all at the same time.

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