President trump needs to take a class or two on mental illnesses. First they are brain based. Next, not everyone who has a mental health diagnosis has ever been violent. Third, most likely there are people on his staff that have a diagnosed mental illness.

His big idea is to build more institutions. That is not a solution to the problem.

There are those who do not have insurance. After being boarded for days in the ER, they finally get a bed. They have been found to be a danger to themselves or others. The unit works with them to find the right combination of medications that will relieve their symptoms. Then they are discharged with very little in the way of a plan to keep up with the medications.

Those with insurance, are still boarded if they go to the ER and are involuntarily admitted. Even then, they are only allowed to stay on a unit until the risk of being a danger passes. It does not matter if the patient feels as if they are ready to be discharged or not.

Facilities do not matter. We need to begin to treat those with a mental health issue the same as if they had a physical health issue. Provide adequate treatment and medications.

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