So many changes over the past few days that have made life a little less stressful and have resulted in me having less flashbacks.

The first change was the family room. I realized that I had laid it out exactly like my childhood home. I had my children help me to rearrange the room and am so happy with the results. I am more comfortable and feel like I am not so confined.

Next, I exchanged furniture that reminded me of my childhood with my daughter’s more modern furniture. She wanted the piece so it worked out for everyone. Last night I actually slept for the first time in a while. Maybe the change is really going to help.

Going through repeated trauma impacts daily life. A few less reminders is always a good thing. This way I can live without the stress that comes along with it. I was proud of myself for asking for something that I needed. Normally, I would not say anything and just live with things the way that they are done.

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