Having a mental illness sucks. Being depressed, not being motivated or able to even do the most basic things, being overly emotional, forgetting everything that someone has said to you.

It must be really hard to be a friend or more to someone with a mental illness. Plans get cancelled at the last minute because the person is having a bad day and cannot get out of bed. Maybe, yelling starts over the smallest thing.

Therapy assignments begin to stress the person out which for me,, causes me to want to hide.

I feel bad for my husband at times. The trouble keeping always second guessing about saying what is on my mind. The issues with food. Feeling isolated even when he is trying his best to help.

The people who love us are special. They can look beyond all of flaws and see someone that they care about. Positive aspects, that for me, I do not see. Being on the other side must be difficult, yet I am so glad that there are those who have the strength to be there.

One thought on “The Other Side

  1. This is something I’ve always wanted to express, but never found the words. The friend that cancels is always me because of bad days and not being able to properly function. Not being able to hug people, or have affection because of the PTSD and the flashbacks that come along with it.

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