It Chapter Two came out in theaters this weekend. It was highly anticipated and is receiving mixed reviews on social media.

Going into the movie I had read the book and watched the TV version. I was prepared for a suicide scene. What I was not prepared for was the note that comes up that the end of the movie.

Suicidal thoughts are real for some people. Some of those people feel as if those around them would be better off without them. Others feel like they are alienated.

I felt the note glorified an act that was already explained. Some movies need to come with warnings. If I had known of the plot deviation, I may not have chosen to see the movie. Instead, I was not allowed the choice to not see the movie.’I cannot undo what has been done, yet maybe I can get others to rally for including scenes that may negatively impact someone with a mental illness to make the choice for themselves.

From now on, I think I am going to stick to kids movies and leave the rest to view at home.

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