I was released from the hospital yesterday after spending the weekend getting stable. I have a government based insurance and was on the phone for 10 hours trying to find a place that would accept my insurance.

I learned a lesson from the representative of Medicare. Government based programs will not pay for ANY long term mental health treatment center in the United States if a co-existing dependency issue does not exist.

Supposedly, we are having a “mental health crisis” in this country. It is not that people do not want help. There are a limited number of treatment centers even covered. If one is lucky enough to get a bed, then there are few programs that will help with the cost of medications. This leads to a cycle a cycle of medications just to maintain ones mental health.

Something has to change with the Country. A typical acute care unit stay is around 2 weeks ( the government states 3 days). The cost per day ranges from $1200 a $1700. I asked the long term care facility how much they were per day and they told me $975. I could not believe that the cost would be less in real world timing.

Many acute care patients stay inpatient for 2 weeks or even longer. I am not sure where the government gets their statistics. No wonder many patients are boarded in the emergency room to wait for a bed.

In my case, they could not even treat me. I wound up using skills that I had learned over the years to cope while I was there. When I was in crisis, not one staff member asked me how I was or what was bothering me. There were only a handful of weekend staff that would interact with the patients. They made the days a little better.

If our government wants to do something about mental health, they need to start with providing basic mental health care to those who need it and take that person’s doctor recommendation.

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